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Start Of Dominican Slavery

Dominicans were fighting for their independence at the time from Spain. In 1821 Dominicans gained their independence from Spain. Slaves from Africa were brought to Hispaniola and Dominicans worked for hours without getting paid enough doing labor work. They were abused and mistreated "women and men press against the barbed wire gate" (Alami)  Slavery in Dominican Republic wasn’t as severe as other countries, the land of the Dominicans was discovered Christopher Columbus. At the time he was looking for gold but couldn’t find any. Instead he filed ships with enslaved Taino which were brought by force to work on the land. “During the next four decades, slavery contributes to the deaths of 7 million Taíno. By 1535, the Taíno culture on Hispaniola is gone.” This evidence shows how they took over their land and the large affect it had on their culture


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At the time Dominican Republic was apart of Haiti which was called Hispaniola. At the time Dominicans were known for their sugar although it wasn't as successful as they wanted it to be they didn't have enough money. They needed their slaves to support their economy. Slavery started in 1503. Taints were the native people living on the land now known as the Dominican republic. He brought European diseases to the country and causes death to the Tainos people. since they died Christopher Columbus brought  enslaved Africans to work to find gold for him.

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Some Dominicans fought back slavery but many didn't this took place in the beginning of the Atlantic trade were every country were meeting up to trade what they had. as well as slaves were sold here. they even had ships an other meths to trade. The Spanish imported African slaves after the Tainos died. Like i said slavery wasn't  as server during the early Spanish colony compared to other countries. the slaves that did fight back in Dominican republic they would run away or resets begin taken 

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Food comes from different cultures just with their own style put into it.Taino and African both created dishes 
their main meal for Dominicans is lunch, many of the well known food today is"sancocho, Mangu, Tostones"

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"In 1800 the Haitian revolutionary Louverture used his forces against the Spanish, and in January 1801 he unified all of Hispaniola as one island. In January 1802 the French invaded Hispaniola, looking to quell the violence and return the colony to its status as an economic goldmine. Louverture, however, was taken prisoner by the French in 1802. Regardless of this, on January 1, 1804 Haiti, under the leadership of Jean-Jacques Dessalines, declared its independence, and in the following year invaded the Spanish side of Hispaniola. In 1821 the once vibrant and economic powerhouse known as the Colony of Santo Domingo began its fight for what is known as the Ephemeral Independence, but this was not to last. In 1822 the newly independent Haitians were fearful that the French would use the eastern portion of the island to mount an attack on Haiti and re-establish slavery. Under the leadership of Jean Pierre Boyer, the Haitians invaded the eastern side of Hispaniola, outlawed slavery, and once again unified the island until the fight for independence in 1844."

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